Advanced learning and highly competitive teams don’t happen in isolation. It takes a community. That’s why we want to work with you!

We recognize that support can come in a variety of forms – sharing expertise, giving of your time, or contributing financially – and all are critical in ensuring the success of Haas Hall Robotics.

Our Needs:


Mentors have a background in physics, engineering, or computer science/programming. They work with our teams over the course of an entire season (September – February) or may work with us for a short time as an advisor for a particular part of the process or to troubleshoot a particular problem.

We also have a need for team advisors to help our teams with business planning or presentation and judging prep.

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What Do Mentors Do?: Mentors don’t build robots; they build engineers, programmers, and leaders! Mentors use their area(s) of expertise to inspire and guide team members through game strategy, the engineering design process, and/or the programming process. Mentors build a relationship with their team and function as trusted advisors. Mentors ask guiding questions to stimulate thinking, relate problems to principles in mathematics or engineering, help with troubleshooting, and provide encouragement and support.

Our goal is to have two technical mentors per team (one with a mechanical background and the other with a programming background).

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We feel confident that, with your help, Haas Hall Robotics will grow quickly into a high-impact organization supporting STEM learning throughout northwest Arkansas. We also know that, with the support of community mentors and sponsorships, our FTC teams can be competitive at the national level. Let’s see what we can achieve together!

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Your sponsorship helps fund robot building supplies, registration fees, signage that recognizes our club and sponsors at all events, outreach supplies, and any travel costs that our teams may incur.

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